Top Concrete Furniture Trends in 2019

Concrete is not just for the floors or walls. It is now becoming a prominent feature on the furniture market. Concrete furniture is not just a passing trend; It is here to stay. With the durability, versatility and sophistication offered by the material, it is no surprise that concrete has become an exceptional option for homeowners in Australia.

Furniture pieces made of concrete are the best ways to add a modern accent to your homes décor. The industrial concept in interior and exterior design has been around for some time, but only recently has it taken off. Despite its longstanding presence, this look has shown no signs of slowing down. In fact, it has become the design choice for many homes and businesses in the country.

outdoor concrete and wooden bench

While the vast majority may not live in a converted warehouse, you can still achieve that authentic industrial appearance. Using concrete furniture is the key to getting that distinct urban look and feel of your home or office.

If you are looking for a way to create an industrial look – whether it is bold or just subtle – concrete is the perfect material to go for. Here are the top trends this 2019 that could stay until 2020 and beyond:

Dress Up Your Interiors with Concrete Furniture

For several decades, it seemed like concrete’s only place was outdoors. It is known for its stability and longevity, making it ideal for walkways and paths. However, as time has passed, and we have seen how concrete made its impact on the interior of our homes.

At first, there were worries about concrete being too cold or even too heavy for a family home. Who would want such an atmosphere, right? With moderation and proper arrangement, concrete in the form of furniture pieces have become a part of interior design.

When you see a concrete table, you may wonder if it will suit your dining or living room. The latest trend in interior furniture showed that concrete offers a beautiful industrial look in a full concrete room. It is a great style that fits in a dining room or even living areas. Metal chairs that are white or cream are used to keep everything subtle.

While concrete tables are not entirely a shocking trend, the striking look is not just for dining areas. Concrete can work anywhere and works even better when paired with grey, white, or blue-based colour schemes.

A simple block table design with a grey-toned sofa can complement each other when placed in your living room. Together, they give an industrial accent to any room, whether large or small. When both come in grey colours, although they have dissimilar textures, they can add an understated level of depth to your home décor.

Concrete tables are not the only trendy ones in interior design. A subtler dose of concrete is often in the form of accessories. Some homeowners are now using concrete shelving. It is a rustic feature that can both be minimalist and flexible since you can dress it up. However, it works even better when there are raw materials in muted tones, such as glass and wood. These elements are simple enough to let the concrete shelves shine through.

Transform Your Patio with Concrete Outdoor Furnishings

Even for the untrained eye, concrete is associated with the outdoors. Pathways, driveways, and walkways – they are mostly made of concrete. However, exterior furniture pieces add more sophistication and style to your outdoor area.

Using furniture outside your home boosts the appeal of your property. Unfortunately, you usually have to repaint, fix, or even replace some of them after a year or so. The materials can warp, rot, rust and stain. Since the outdoor area is the first thing that your neighbours and other people see, you want it to look as presentable as possible.

If you are tired of replacing outdoor furniture or moving the pieces inside due to bad weather, concrete may be the answer as this material can withstand these natural elements. Concrete furniture for the outdoors comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you want to create a dining or lounging area, there will be something that will suit your design plans.

Many Australians have chosen concrete for their patio. However, some have extended the material to their bar counters, pizza ovens, and outdoor seating. The latter includes tables, benches, and chairs.

outdoor table made out of concrete

Concrete is a stunning material to work with for the exterior. It can complement your existing furniture, such as wood and wicker. You will get a statement piece that can stand the test of time – even the trends.

You will see various collections of concrete furniture, including different concreting techniques. For instance, “raw” concrete is mostly suitable for benches and tables because it is durable. You can also see raw concrete furniture on planters, shelves, and accents.

The furniture pieces are a composite mixture of resin and concrete. However, another type is a glass-reinforced composite, which is also gaining popularity in the country. Australians love it because it is almost 50% lighter than raw or pure concrete.

If you are looking for outdoor furniture that is somewhat easy to move around, then concrete may not be ideal. This is where composites can give you a workable option, especially if you want a bench that you can manoeuvre without a sweat.

For a minimalistic look, usually less is more with concrete furniture. Raw concrete patio furniture can work great with other pieces and accessories. For instance, you can match a concrete bench with stainless steel. The shine from the other material will make the concrete look even more interesting than it is.

You can also use concrete furniture with vivid colours, such as plastic chairs. Even the warmth of wood will make concrete noticeable yet still subtle.

Commercial and Residential Applications

Most of the examples above are about the residential use of concrete furniture. However, it does not mean that businesses cannot take advantage of concrete. Commercial sites such as stores, parks, and public spaces can enjoy using furniture pieces made of concrete.

Concrete is a stone-based material that you can use along with leather, metal, and wood. These three other materials have been used in many commercial buildings and facilities for a long time now. With the recent advances in technology, concrete has become lighter. Therefore, you can move them to another location in case you have a different design in mind.

Even with the weight reduced, concrete remains strong and will withstand harsh weather. It is easy to see why concrete has become a much more desirable option for offices. They may have become more portable, but they are still as durable as ever.

cafe with a concrete counter and design

Aside from benches and tables outdoors, commercial spaces with kitchens can also enjoy concrete. Bright white kitchens in offices have been one of the hottest trends over the past few years. However, they may soon bow down as monochrome kitchens are becoming more and more popular. Generous offices have a coffeemaker, gas cooktop, TV, and even a dishwasher. All these things are installed in countertops made of concrete.

Another emerging trend has something to do with the lack of space. Not all commercial buildings or offices have expansive spaces. We have seen companies make use of concrete shelves to store books and other essentials. Even small appliances are on display. The shelves usually appear more interesting when placed next to wooden beams, which further give the space a more rustic feel. It would be even better when there are indoor plants on the shelves, which breathes life into the grey background.

These trends also apply to residential properties.

  • Concrete furnishings surrounded by copper and gold for the contrast
  • Matte vs shine: where matte concrete furniture is next to something shiny like metal
  • Using concrete stool legs with pine and other light wood materials for a fresh look
  • Rooms appearing warmer with the use of blankets that has the same hue as the concrete furniture

Aside from the furniture pieces themselves, styling a room is essential when you use concrete. It does not always have to be greyish and glum. You can use bright colours to work with concrete, such as a pop art style. It is an ideal look that will punctuate that urban design.

Concrete furniture has become very in vogue. However, it is not just the overall idea but the material itself is worth the investment. Concrete is well-known for its robustness and minimalist appearance. It is why this material is suitable for homes and businesses, whether inside or outside.

If you feel like a new piece of concrete furniture is right for your property, get in touch with the experts at Concrete Crib. We can help you create the perfect piece of concrete to suit your design needs.