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Concrete Slab BedroomWe specialise in concrete slabs of all types here. If you're interested in standard concrete slabs in all styles and sizes, you can count on us. If you're interested in precast concrete slabs that are useful for home construction purposes, you can count on us, too. Concrete slabs can be useful for many diverse reasons. They can create panels that are appropriate for structural requirements. They can also create panels that offer decorative perks. Their panels can often even boost energy efficiency. Insulated panels can do wonders for your energy efficiency needs.

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If you want to spend your hard-earned money on the finest concrete slabs around, you need to reach out to Concrete Crib without hesitation. Our builders employ first-rate concrete to make our slabs. They employ state of the art equipment during the process as well. 
When you need concrete slabs that are reliable, convenient and durable to the max, Concrete Crib is the only company you need to know. Call us today to learn more about our A1 choices in custom concrete slabs. Dependable and sturdy concrete slabs can make a world of difference in the house building process. 


Bubble Deck

Bubble Deck ManufacturerConcrete Crib will happily cater to all of your Bubble Deck needs. Bubble Deck, in short, is a precast concrete floor option that offers a variety of advantages. It's a system that can make floor slabs feel considerably lighter. It can make these slabs significantly tougher as well. Bubble Deck makes use of plastic balls and steel structures. 
The benefits of Bubble Deck are plentiful. Bubble Deck is highly economical. It uses minimal concrete. Bubble Deck makes the construction process a lot speedier and more efficient. It can even be beneficial for health and well-being. If you want to minimise crane lift use, Bubble Deck can make a fine asset. Contact Concrete Crib today to explore all your Bubble Deck choices.

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