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A sleek and well-built swimming pool can add a lot of appeal to any home. It can make any home a more inviting and fun place, too. If you're someone who enjoys throwing outdoor gatherings, there are few property additions that can help better than a pool.

Concrete Crib is a company that specialises in durable, cheap concrete pools of all varieties. We construct customised concrete pools that can satisfy all of our customers' wishes and requirements. Our concrete pools are fresh, contemporary and attractive. We also offer a range of pool decks and edging from our sister company, Decorative Concrete WA. If you need assistance with any of the plumbing, we recommend CBDPlumbersPerth.com.au.

Whether you're in any of the major cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin or Canberra), or beyond, we have a cheap price friendly option for you.

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A kitchen refit with a concrete island and bench tops

We Have the Expertise

We have extensive experience with pool design and construction work. Our team members are seasoned experts who are familiar with pools of all types. We can help you create a beautiful Roman pool that can complement your outdoor space perfectly. We can help you create a stunning Lazy L concrete pool that's ideal for easygoing and casual summertime gatherings of all varieties. Just name the specific shape you want. We can make it come to life for you!

Our choices in free form, rectangular, Grecian, oval and circular concrete pools are varied and numerous. If you have any questions about pool shape, you don't have to worry, either. We can offer you expertise that can simplify the critical decision-making process in a big way. Our team members have been working in the industry for a long time now. They can bring significant insight and knowledge to the table. If you don't know a lot about pools but are 100 percent confident in the fact that you want one in your life, you can depend on us for the highest degree of guidance.

A First Class Product, at Wholesale Prices

Our company prioritises exemplary craftsmanship above all else. That's crystal clear to anyone who has witnessed us in action for even a second. We use first-class supplies, tools and equipment to make our custom concrete pools. Our team members have all the qualifications and training necessary to provide our customers with outstanding results.

Our hard work isn't done once your concrete swimming pool is complete. Far from that. We offer our customers detail-oriented advice regarding proper pool upkeep work. If you want to keep your cheap concrete pool in fantastic condition for a long time, our maintenance tips can come in extremely handy for you. Caring for a concrete pool, luckily enough, isn't something that calls for a significant amount of time. It's just something that requires occasional patience and care.

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    Why choose concrete?
    It’s a beautiful, cost effective material that will last for decades while needing only minor maintenance.