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Tile floors are popular for many reasons. They're strong and have longevity on their side. They're available in many thrilling styles, patterns and colours. They don't have significant maintenance requirements, either. If you like the idea of tiles with a pleasant twist, however, you may want to look into the world of polished concrete. Polished concrete tiles are quickly becoming a phenomenon in residential and commercial settings everywhere these days. That's why Concrete Crib is happy to design the finest and most exciting customised polished concrete tiles out there.

Outdoor Concrete Furniture
A kitchen refit with a concrete island and bench tops

If you're looking for tiles that are sturdy, beautiful and simple to maintain, you'll have the time of your life working with Concrete Crib. We can design polished concrete tiles that can accommodate all of your specific wishes. We can design polished concrete tiles that can give your kitchen a perfect finishing touch. We can design polished concrete tiles that can give the rest of your home an air of elegance, sophistication and class, too. Contact Concrete Crib without delay for more about our impressive customised polished concrete tiles.

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    Why choose concrete?
    It’s a beautiful, cost effective material that will last for decades while needing only minor maintenance.