Concrete Products at Wholesale Prices

Concrete Benchtops

Concrete Crib is the solution for all of your polished concrete benchtop needs. If you're on the lookout for outstanding polished benchtops, no other business can assist you like we can.

Concrete Pools

We can help you create a beautiful Roman pool that can complement your outdoor space perfectly. We can help you create a stunning Lazy L concrete pool that's ideal for easygoing and casual summertime gatherings of all varieties.

Concrete Furniture

Concrete Crib specialises in concrete furniture that's sophisticated, durable and timeless. We design and construct all different types of concrete furnishings.

Concrete Floors

Polished concrete floors are making splashes in residential and commercial settings everywhere lately. If you're looking to give the flooring in your home a nice update, polished concrete could be a great fit for it.

Concrete Tiles & Pavers

Tile floors are popular for many reasons. They're strong and have longevity on their side. They're available in many thrilling styles, patterns and colours.

Concrete Walls

Stunning concrete retaining walls are a big focal point here at Concrete Crib. We specialise in concrete retaining walls that include both posts and sleepers.

Concrete Slabs

We specialise in concrete slabs of all types here. If you're interested in standard concrete slabs in all styles and sizes, you can count on us.

Concrete Steps

You may not think much about the steps in your home. They actually matter a lot, though. Steps tolerate a considerable amount of foot traffic day in and day out.

Polished Concrete

If you're looking for a sturdy and attractive flooring material that doesn't require wax, polished concrete could be the solution you need. Polished concrete is a material that's quickly gaining popularity as of late.